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Building the Next Generation of


What does "Building Conversational Brands" really mean?

Generative AI is here and with it comes the opportunity to truly bring brands to life in a way that has never been seen before. Brands can become living entities available to the users 24/7 365 days a year. 

Our LLM-powered conversational agents are designed to streamline your business processes and automate customer engagement. 

We build, operate, and transfer a CRM system that ensures that your business is running at maximum efficiency and providing great customer experience. 

We specialize in streamlining operations through strategic automation, boosting productivity, and driving unprecedented growth.

Digital content consumption has surpassed traditional media. Not only we setup all needed equipment and software but also build an entire system that streamline the process.

Our Philosophy:


  • Growth: Conversational brands grow faster and last longer.

  • AI-Driven: Utilizing artificial intelligence as a pivotal driver of business transformation and customer engagement.

  • Marketing: Revolutionizing customer experiences and services with AI-driven, tailored marketing endeavors.

  • Empowerment: Up-skilling & re-skilling human talent for an AI-augmented world.

Why Choose Parrots Lab LLC?


Years of Marketing Experience


GenAI-Related Podcast Published 


Sector Proficiency & Experience


Automations Implemented


Increased Efficiency Through Our Services

Watch Naja Faysal, founder of Parrots Lab, explain how can your brand capitalize on the power of AI to improve productivity, efficiency, customer loyalty, and brand excellence. 

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