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Leaders to Influencers In Six Months Program

1. Watch Presentation:


We can help you with all the steps, whether partially or via a complete, done-for-you monthly flat fee service.

Here are the modules: 

Module #1: IKIGAI one-on-one strategy session

  • Deliverable: x1 hour session + a purpose statement

  • Cost: $250 (one-time purchase)

Module #2: Social media profiles optimization

  • Deliverable: cover designs, bio copy, optimization across x4 platforms

  • Cost: $350 (one-time purchase)

Module #3: Landing pages and email management

  • Deliverable: your [first-name][last-name].com is fully set up to build your email list.

  • Cost: $450 (one-time purchase)

Module #4: Conversation partner / Podcast co-host

  • Deliverable: Record x2 hours per month + another x2 hours prep, coaching & accountability

  • Cost: $500/month ($3,000 for x6 months)

Module #5: Video editing

  • Deliverable: One long-form video and 10-15 vertical short-form videos per month.

  • Cost: $600/month ($3,600 for x6 months)

Module #6: Monetization strategy

  • Deliverable: Strategy document

  • Cost: $150 (one-time purchase)




for x6 Months

(all modules included)

Six Months: $6,000 (save $1,800)

Monthly: $1,100 (save $1,200)

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